Aaron Rowand hits the wall in centerfield, catches what amounts to be a game-saving catch, breaks his nose and has his career in Philadelphia set. The day before, a ball pelts his knuckles and he continues playing. I questioned getting rid of Jim Thome, who was an all out gamer. But receiving Rowand in return quelled my uncertainty. Now if he can only lead the Phillies the way Darren Daulton or Lenny Dykstra did back in good old ’93. This team has long needed a leader. Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Bobby Abreau, Ryan Howard—these guys are all great players but have lacked leadership ability. For the past few years, the Phillies have been a team with potential but without heart.

But this year, I’m seeing potential.

Maybe this year, the Phillies won’t break my heart.

(Ode to Pete Incavaglia)

(Ode to Mitch Hedberg: "Whenever I shave, I assume there’s someone else on the planet shaving so I say, ‘I’m going to shave, too."




    Welcome to MLBlogs. That was an amazing catch. Looking forward to your posts, and feel free to visit the MLBLogosphere community blog below anytime you have comments/questions or just want to get your blog seen. Happy blogging!


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