Alfonso Soriano, who needs him?

Alfonso Soriano, who needs him?

Of course the Phils wanted him. Of course he could have helped the team. But let’s keep our eyes on a bigger picture here—Pat Burrell is still on the team!

The Phils signed Wes Helms, an improvment over Nunez at third base. Our infield now, I think, is top notch.

With the exception of Burrell, I really like our outfield too. Victorino has shown himself to be a big league player.

Soriano would have helped the team, but now he’s playing with the Chicago Cubs. And the Cubs aren’t going to win anything.

PS: Howard for MVP!

ODE TO MITCH: "I bought a doughnut, and they gave me a receipt for the doughnut. I’m like, man, I give you the money, and you give me the doughnut–end of transaction. There’s no need to bring ink and paper into this.

I can’t even imagine the scenario where I would have to prove to someone that I bought a doughnut.

Like some skeptical friend– "Hey man! Don’t you even act like I didn’t buy that doughnut. I have the receipt right here. No wait, it’s at home in the file.

Under D.

For doughnut."


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