The offseason, and why it stinks

The next season is four months away. In the meantime, we can look forward to the cold, the gray and the otherwise blustery of what the offseason has in store.

It’s a tough cookie to swallow–this early in the offseason–to face the fact that the baseball part of my life is in hibernation. In the summer, there’s always something to look forward to after work–a ballgame.

Of course, the offseason, like baseball itself, has its lessons in life.

We wait for something better, something more exciting, to come.

We grow excited in the possibilities, and this helps us.

We learn to be patient, to focus our minds on other pursuits and other distractions.

More than anything else, though, we learn that those chilly December days without baseball are part of the game.

In a tie game in the bottom of the 9th, you don’t swing on a 3-0 count with the bases loaded.

You wait.

And you hope good things will come.


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