About odetoinky

The Philadelphia Phillies. Born in
Philadelphia, I should have known I was in trouble. It was
the summer of 1978, two years before the Phillies won the
World Series. I was too young to remember anything from that
1980 team. I missed my chance. I’m an Eagles fan. I like the
Flyers. But baseball has always been my game. On Sunday
afternoons in September, I chose baseball over football. But
my cousins, who were older than me, would change the channel.
Baseball is a way of life, but Philadelphia Phillies baseball
is in a class by itself. As I kid, I snuck a tiny radio in my
room so I could listen to late Phils games when I should have
been sleeping. I went to Mike Schmidt “bat day”–when they
used to give out real bats–but I refused to let anybody
touch it. I remember everyone who took me to games as a kid.
People who otherwise woudl have been lost in my memory. In
1993, the Philles provided me with a season and a time in my
life I will never forget. Sure the Phillies raise my blood
pressure. They make it easier to drink whiskey straight from
the bottle. They charge way too much for a ticket. But when
you bleed pinstripes, it’s no longer a game–it’s your


Baseball, of course. Politics, boxing,
people watching.